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What are Personas?

Personas are separate profiles you can create within one Loomino account to find different kinds of connections.

Each Persona has its own matchmaking preferences, profile texts and photos, and a separate inbox.

What types of Personas are there?

There are 3 types of Personas:

  Relationship:  Aimed at serious, long-term romantic relationships, or life partners

  Casual: Aimed at casual dating, friend with benefits, or hookups

  Platonic: Aimed at non-romantic relationships - new friends, hangout buddies or chat partners

Can I have more than one Persona?

Activated users can have up to three Personas at any given time, one of each type.

Creating and switching between Personas

The top bar indicates which of your personas is currently active. To switch between Personas or create new ones, go to Feed.

When you create a second or third Persona, we copy your quiz answers from your previous Personas by default. However, you can change each answer (as well as the acceptable answers) without affecting your previous Personas.

What are the benefits of Personas?
  1. Personas allow total separation between people whose dating goals are different - a common source of friction on other apps.
  2. Different kinds of human connection require different approaches to matchmaking. We have created a unique quiz and matching algorithm for each type of Persona.
  3. You can set different matching criteria for different Personas. For example, you can find relationship partners of one gender while still meeting friends of all genders. Or you can match with a great casual partner, even if you're incompatible for a long-term relationship.
  4. Separate profiles allow you to present yourself differently to different partners. For example, your friends don't have to know about your sexual preferences, and your casual partner doesn't have to read about your political opinions.

Remember: If you only want to create one type of Persona, that's perfectly fine.


How do I find a partner on Loomino?

There is no need to swipe on profiles in Loomino.

Once you finish creating your profile, our algorithm starts searching for a compatible partner. This takes between a few hours to a few days.

When we find a potential partner, we alert one of the parties. If they're interested, we notify the other party.

How do you decide whom to match with me?

Matches are created between people who are seeking the same kind of relationship, whose basic parameters fit each other's preferences, and whose quiz answers are acceptable to each other.

Additionally, matches are ranked by the number of mutual interests, values and lifestyle preferences.

Why am I not getting matches?

Loomino focuses on quality over quantity - so you may not get a match every day. Also, potential matches are only sent when both parties are available, and aren't busy with other chats.

If you haven't received a match in a few days, please check the following:

Search preferences: Expand your search radius, age range and height range.

Quiz: Make sure you only marked 'unacceptable answers' in critical questions.

Profile: It's possible that people have seen your profile and weren't interested - in which case you won't be matched. We recommend using clear and flattering profile photos, and writing engaging profile texts.

Remember: The goal is not to get daily matches, but to meet the one person who's really right for you.

How to respond to a match?

When you get a match, you are presented with several options:

 Interested. Once both parties express their interest, you can start chatting.

 Skip for now. You may be matchd again in the future.

 Reject. The match will be cancelled, and you won't see this person again.

Can I change my mind?

If you reject a match, or if you end an active chat - you can restore it under Past Chats. This option is only available to Activated users.

If you mark your interest in a potential partner, you can't change your mind until your partner responds.

Rules and Moderation

  • You must appear in all of your photos.
  • You must have at least one clear photo of your face. (Couples are exempt from this rule - we understand the need for discretion.)
  • We recommend not using group photos where your friends can be recognised. It violates their privacy, and may cause confusion about who owns the profile.
  • Nudes are not allowed.
  • Impersonating another person is a criminal offence. If our team suspects the authenticity of your photo, we might ask you for further verification.
Profile and texts
  • Any information shared on your profile must be truthful, including your name, age, relationship status, height, location etc. If our team suspects the authenticity of your profile, we might ask for further verification.
  • Do not reveal your full name, contact information or social media handles in your profile. (You may, of course, share these details in a chat.) This rule is meant to protect your privacy and safety, and to ensure that everyone plays in the same field.
  • Hate speech of any kind (racial, religious, gender-based etc.) is forbidden.
  • In order to read other people's profiles you need to write a certain amount of text in your own profile. Please take the time to write something genuine. You are not allowed to use gibberish to buff up the text.
User interaction
  • Respectful interaction is one of our core values at Loomino. We expect users to initiate conversations respectfully, respond respectfully, and end conversations politely.
  • Sexually-explicit messages are only allowed if your chat partner has specifically expressed a desire to receive such messages.
Personal use only

Loomino is for private persons looking to connect. Commercial or academic use, as well as self-promotion, are strictly prohibited. Examples of forbidden use: promoting a blog or social media page, promoting the sales of a product or service, solicitation, market research, academic research etc.

Reporting another user

If you encounter a user who violates any of the above rules, please report them to us. This will allow us to prevent the offender from causing more harm to other people. You can find the report button in user profiles next to their photo, and in chat windows.

We take reports very seriously: every case is reviewed by a human moderator, who decides on a proper action.


Depending on the severity of offence and history of past violations, we may:

  • Remove pictures or texts that do not comply with our rules
  • Warn the offender not to repeat the behaviour
  • Temporarily suspend an account
  • Permanently delete an account and ban the user from re-registering to Loomino

Under no circumstances will we reimburse users whose accounts were suspended or deleted due to rule violation.

Freeze or Delete

Freezing / unfreezing a Persona

Need a break from Loomino? You can freeze your Persona to hide it from other people.

Go to Feed, choose the appropriate Persona and click the Freeze button. You can later unfreeze the Persona by clicking it.

Deleting your account

To delete your Loomino account and all of your Personas, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom and click 'Delete account'.

* Deleting is permanent. We recommend freezing your Personas instead (see above).