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Swipe-Dating Doesn’t Work

If you only care about looks, try a pickup bar. In online dating, compatibility is key

Image by Kirill Averianov through Pixabay

People often say that online dating feels artificial.They miss the good old days when dating was about chemistry, not about search filters and personality quizzes.

In recent years, dating apps have tried to provide a more natural dating experience: You swipe left or right based on physical attraction, and maybe a few lines of text. But is it enough?

Different worlds, different tools

Real-world dating is based on intuition. You don’t just pick the most attractive person at the bar and say “I like you!” You read their body language, listen to their tone of voice, see how they react to your jokes and stories. All your senses are working, checking for chemistry.

Online dating is a whole different story. You have thousands of partners to evaluate, but nothing to feed your intuition: no body language, no voice, no real-time feedback. Clearly, assessing partners online requires a different approach.

Image of old couple holding hands
Your grandparents didn’t need special tools to check for chemistry... but they didn’t meet online!
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Information-based matchmaking

What advantage does the online realm offer over real life? Information. Dating apps make it easy to share your beliefs, values, hobbies and lifestyle preferences. This gives them a unique potential to bring together like-minded partners.

Unfortunately, most dating apps don’t live up to this potential. They ignore your preferences, show you incompatible partners, and charge extra money for the use of search filters. Even if you pay, you will find the filters ineffective, because users are allowed not to provide basic info. Combine this with empty user profiles, and you are left with none of the advantages of the online medium.

The model collapsess

Informed matchmaking is not a luxury, it's a necessity for navigating the crowded, sensory-deprived arena of online dating. What happens when you try to assess potential partners with neither intuiton nor information for guidance?

Image of a woman aiming a fake pistol at her head
Typical user after 3 hours on a dating app.
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Well, imagine a pickup bar where 10,000 people are trying to talk to each other at the same time. Most of them are the opposite of what you're looking for. Conversations are halted and often boring. Everyone is distracted with other chats. If you actually manage to talk to someone, they will likely disappear as soon as you turn your head. That's what you get on most dating apps.

Loomino is different

Loomino is a new dating platform designed around three principles: informed matchmaking, focus, and positive interaction.

We take your preferences seriously. We pick the best possible partners based on shared values, beliefs and passions - and deliver them directly to your inbox. We promote fewer, better interactions, and help you give a fair chance to every partner. And we hope to eliminate the meat-market atmosphere that's become associated with online dating.

What about real-life chemistry? You will have plenty of time for that when you go on a date with someone who might just be the one.

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