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Why does Loomino cost money

Most dating apps charge money for special features or monthly sunsbcriptions. This gives them an incentive to keep you single for as long as possible.

To keep you engaged in the search, they encourage endless swiping on incompatible partners, and fleeting chats that rarely lead to lasting relationships. Meanwhile, they bombard you with ads and sell your personal data.

Loomino is different

We developed a unique business model that reflects our user-centric approach. When we find your first potential match, we charge a modest one-time activation fee.

This model serves four goals:

  1. Aligning our interests with yours - we have no incentive to keep you searching, but to find you a partner as early as possible.
  2. Filtering out people who are not committed to the process. Scammers, spammers and window-shoppers are not in the habit of paying.
  3. Promoting equality. All genders and ages pay an equal fee. No one is pushed back in line, and no one pays for other people.

Oh, and it keeps us in business. Running Loomino costs money, and we don't intend to cover those costs by screwing our users. That's just not who we are.